~Now booking online sessions with the world~

This isn't typical therapy.

Empowerment Accountability Support

Empowering humans to find their own mental & physical wellness through education, advocacy & support.  This is empowerment!

Currently booking private clients for mental wellness online & mentoring calls. Scroll down and send me a message on WhatsApp about your mental & physical wellness journey. 



Learning about ourselves is truly empowering! Education is part of our mission! We provide classes that focus on learning more about you! Emotional awareness, self care, Mental Wellness Skills and many more!



 Using evidence based research, we incorporate many Complementary Alternative Therapies (CAM) in to clients care. WE believe in combining both Eastern & Western Medicine to provide the BEST care.



We get it! Sometimes you just need accountability, support & encouragement.

Our in-house and online mental & wellness classes & private session focus on supporting you and your needs. 


Let us help you.