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Change agent of Mental Health

Emily Knife, RN, MSN-Edu, YT500, MT

Emily is a fearless leader in Mental Health awareness and education. Her background evolves from being an Air Force airman, Massage Therapist, Yoga teacher , somatic seeker & nurse in many different areas. Using this knowledge to provide one of a kind mental health education sessions and private coaching for mental wellness. She believes that mental wellness takes many different forms of treatment and accountability to live life fully! Using Dialectical Behavioral Skills, movement, emotional release techniques, somatic psychotherapy and homework to provide a well-rounded approach to healing.  Having lived and still living with mental health needs she understands the struggle and energy it can take to live each day.  She currently uses many skills, supplements and routines to live, "what I preach, I also practice".   She sees clients in Lilburn & online for Mental Wellness. She is also a professor for Psychiatry Nursing at a local university, mentoring & teaching future nurses.


Want to reduce your emotional suffering? Have been told you are sensitive? Tired of not living a full life?  Is anxiety getting the best of you?

Call me at 614.787.3387 or send me an email @ emily@mentaltonic.org

Let's come up with a plan to approach your concerns and address your mental health needs.